Executive Assistant

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC

Agriculture in today’s world is a business, whether it be processing and marketing agricultural products, farming, or supplying agricultural inputs. Consumers face a variety of choices that are impacted by policies and regulations, by micro and macro conditions affecting them, and by their individual circumstances and welfare. The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) addresses important issues regarding the management of agricultural and related businesses, the functioning of agricultural markets, the protection and use of resources, the performance of government policies affecting agricultural and related industries, and the impacts of decisions made by consumers with respect to the purchase of food and fiber products.

ARE offers undergraduate major and minor programs in agricultural business management and a concentration in biological sciences business management within the agricultural business management program. At the graduate level, the department offers a Master of Science degree in agricultural economics and a Ph.D. degree in economics. These instructional programs are enriched by faculty members with extension and research activities which contribute to the relevance and thoroughness of the teaching program.

Essential Job Duties

This position will work within the department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) as the Department Head’s Executive Assistant. As the Executive Assistant, this position must attend to the academic, research, and extension needs of the department in a variety of ways. As the human resources representative for the department, this position provides extensive human resources support for policy, procedure, and actions for all departmental positions. The Executive Assistant also works with (and serves as back up to) the Business Services Coordinator on accounting and budget matters. Event planning, scheduling, and departmental representation are also crucial roles requiring attention to detail, discretion, and professionalism. This position

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